Pipeline Maintenance & Integrity

The only thing more important than how a pipeline is constructed is how well it’s monitored and maintained — and how quickly problems are addressed.

Downtime equals lost revenue.

The moment a pipeline is put into service, the countdown to maintenance issues begins. Preventative maintenance can save significant time and money. We take a proactive approach to pipeline maintenance and integrity management. We don’t see them as “things we have to do” to support our pipeline construction business. We see them as interwoven elements that reinforce each other to create a safe and profit-generating pipeline operation.

A word about responsiveness.

Pipeline problems don’t punch a time clock. That’s why our emergency response crews are good to go 24/7/365. And when you call us, ISS will get you the crews & equipment needed to get the job done ASAP.

Effective, efficient pipeline maintenance

From weed control and mowing the ROW, to station upgrades, to the rehab, rerouting or demolition of existing lines, you can place your trust in our pipeline maintenance services, because we place our trust in the best people in the business: ours. There’s far too much at stake — the health and safety of all employees, facilities and assets — to do otherwise. Trust our professionals for all your maintenance needs, including:

  • Pipeline Rehab
  • Pipeline Recoats
  • Hydrotesting
  • Station Upgrades
  • Install Test Stations
  • Rectifier Maintenance
  • In-line Tool Runs
  • Existing Line Demolition
  • Line Location
  • Stopple Fitting Installation
  • Well Tie-Ins
  • ROW Maintenance (weed control, mowing, brush clearing, etc.)